Gudauri is a natural georgian spring water created by passing through 40 km of natural filtration.

The combination of Georgian soil, isolation, and natural filtering, give the water a high minerality range (TDS), balanced pH, and low nitrate levels. The result is water with no acidic taste, but with a hint of sweetness and a smooth finish. The mountain filtration process helps to keep water contaminants away, giving Gudauri a higher degree of virginality that is harder to find in the bottled water market.


Gudauri water can be used in everyday life as a drink for humans and animals. Gudauri water is also a good type of water to use for fish aquariums due to the water being free of harsh impurities like chlorine and copper, which can kill some fish.


Drinking water, in general, has many health benefits for humans. On top of quenching your thirst, it does you a lot of good. One thing that you already know is that a good part of your body is composed of water, all these fluids working to help you digest food, transport nutrients, keep your body temperature steady, helping your circulation and more. It can also aid you in keeping a steady weight or even to lose weight. Your skin looks better and your muscles work properly when you drink enough water, not to mention your kidneys, so it’s a long list of advantages.

Tap water is associated with many poor cardiovascular problems. Tap water has been found to negatively correlate with heart disease. Pure water does not contain many chemical compounds that our bodies do not need, such as the minerals that can cause these harmful effects.

Our artisan water comes from the mountains of Georgia and brings its kartuli vibrancy to tables and palettes around the world. With most options bottled in glass and some in PET, Water Land LLC understands customers’ desires for clean, refreshing and toxin-free water. Water Land LLC offers a variety of products to meet all needs, including both still and sparkling water varieties in several sizes.



To keep our blood the right pH, 7.365, we should drink water at a pH of about 9 to 10. Drinking alkaline water helps the body detoxify. Toxins are acids, and to maintain pH balance while you are detoxifying, one needs an abundance of alkaline buffers.

Alkaline water is Important to cleanse the cells of toxins. In order to rid the body of acidic wastes, it is important that you have sufficient buffers, and that's a big reason why alkaline water is good. Our blood requires and actually enforces pH balance and when water is too acidic, your body is unable to flush out the acidic wastes from your cells and tissues. Organs deteriorate and disease sets in over time when you don't flush out the acidic wastes.


Approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Gudauri is a water brand that has made its name as a terrific household product. Because their bottles of water are so convenient, they can be taken to nearly any destination at any time.